Thank you for visiting our website. Riverwalk Dry Cleaners is a Family owned business focusing on providing the best Quality, Commitment and Convenience to its customers. Riverwalk Dry Cleaners is locally operated dry cleaner that provides the people of Port Imperial and surrounding area with professinal dry cleaning services. Our mission is simple... Provide our customers with Quality.

How Are We Different?

Not only are we located in the middle of dynamic urban Port imperial communities located at the edge of the Hudson River, but we offer time saving, hassle-free pick up and delivery service for Port Imperial residents and surrounding areas.

Professional Dry Cleanings, Plus
* Expert Dry Cleaning of all Fabrics
* Shirt Laundering
* Expert Tailoring and Alterations
* Leather / Suede
* Tablecloths & Napkins
* Comforters & Blankets
* Draperies
* Rugs & Carpets
* Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved
* Box Storage

We care for your garments
Our' employees are all well-trained and experienced. From when we receive your garments until they are returned to you, your clothes go through a 6-step quality inspection process and a 2-step quantity check process.